Saturday, March 3, 2018

ShilahEats: Feta Fiesta Kale Salad

It seems that the older I get, the more cynical I become. Prime example, I wasn’t expecting much from this recipe. I thought the flavors wouldn’t mesh and I would end up wasting a whole salad. Boy, was I wrong.

I picked this recipe up from COOKIE+kate. She has a plethora of salad recipes and after this, I’m committing to trying them all.

I paired this delicious salad with a separate stuffed cabbage recipe to add some variety to my diet. You know, warm and savory vs. cold and tangy. I also had a lot of ingredient substitutions at home already, so I made some minor changes to Kate’s recipe. I would suspect that this wouldn’t make a noticable difference, but who knows?

The goal here was to make something good and quick so because I don't have time to massage kale, I used spring mix. The original recipe also calls for lime juice and pepitas (pumpkin seeds), but I used sunflower seeds and lemon juice. And I just knew the avocado wasn’t going to last on it’s own, so I used it in the dressing. Finally, instead of corn tortillas, I used pita chips.

The only downside was I didn’t chop the jalapeno enough so when it was time to blend the dressing ingredients together, everything blended-except the jalapeno..sigh.. So I had to take them out and mince them by hand then pray everything would fix itself when I pressed the button. Thankfully, it worked and tasted well. In the end, I kept the dressing separate to preserve the salad.

Verdict: As you can probably guess, I give this ‘Feta Fiesta Kale Salad’ two thumbs up. The honey and jalapeno balanced the dressing perfectly and the avocado made it creamy enough that I didn’t even miss my beloved ranch. Add the salad and you have something short of Heaven. Tossgreen, watch out.

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KB + Co.

ShilahEats: Pear Walnut & Blue Cheese Pizza

I’m a vegetarian. Or pescatarian if you count my indulgence in seafood every now and then. Frankly, I’d rather not have a label and just live my life. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re gathered because I found this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers, The Novice Chef, while researching vegetarian meals and couldn’t wait to try it out. The only thing I didn’t use was fresh arugula, just because I’m not a fan of adding a whole salad on top of my pizza. I either bake it in or leave it off.

Now, forget the packaged personal pizzas that taste like cardboard. In this recipe, Naan bread is used as the base. Naan bread is an Indian flatbread that is buttery, soft and just provides elevation to any dish.

I’ll admit, I was wary to make the sauce, but it brought the dish together well. The aesthetics didn’t help the cause, but we all know not to judge a book by it’s cover.

Verdict: It was delicious and I think I enjoyed making it more than consuming it. I realize that I’m more of a BYO taco than BYO pizza kinda girl, but the different textures- crunchy walnuts, tangy blue cheese, and sweet pears- made this Pear Walnut & Blue Cheese Pizza at 10/10.

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KB + Co.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


2018, Im ready for ya. At risk of sounding cheesy -shrug- this year is all about elevation. With my writing. With my fitness. With exploring this World. And with Jesus.

2017 was one of the rockiest years yet. I’m sure every year has its ups and downs, but I feel last year was a battle the whole 365 days. I became a real adult and moved into my own apartment, which challenged my maturity. I started locking my hair, which challenged my self-esteem. I had multiple relationships end on bad terms, which challenged my faith. But the good news is I lived to tell the tale.

I’m so proud that this blog has taken off. It will be 2 years in August since I began and I’m so excited to continue. My goal is to just write until my fingers fall off. I guarantee y’all will get tired of my notifications of new posts, but it’s ok. I appreciate you being willing to read my work. This year the focus is consistency and content. I started this blog to grow as a writer and over the past year I’ve explored different ways to do this through reviewing books, interviewing, and daily journaling. This year I want to expand on that and incorporate my life into this blog more. For example, I am starting the 52 Week Money Challenge:

And I’m so excited because my savings are non-existent thanks to 2017. I’m also thinking about starting a section on here for all things books. One of my resolutions is to finally finish Sophie’s World, which I’ve been reading since 2016. Once I finish that, I’m starting this other challenge of 50 Books to Read Before You Die. Well, it’s not so much a challenge, but it is something that I want to accomplish as I wrap up my first quarter of living.

Speaking of my first quarter, I’m turning 25 this year!


But, no worries. I plan to bring it in with a bang surrounded by good people and hopefully on an island.

Once again, I’m tackling Spanish. But I’m optimistic this year is it. By December, this blog will be in Spanish lol.

Anywho, drop a comment below of your #NewYearNewYou goals and we’ll keep each other accountable.

Till Next Time,

KB + Co.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Cowford. Chophouse.

I’ve been waiting a long time for you..

But seriously, being tempted by the loong construction of this beauty was a slow torture. Plus, being that I work just across the street only made it worse. But. Once it did open, it did not disappoint. If you’re familiar with the old Barnett Building in downtown, you may remember the jaguar that would seem to follow you as you traveled by the building. I was disheartened when I found out that they were not keeping that landmark, but the designers were able to find the perfect way of incorporating it into the renovations.

HIgh ceilings, polished floors, and black and white decor with luxe accents greet you upon arrival. As you walk up the three levels, pictures on the walls narrate the demolition and rebuilding of the entire space, including the finding of safes with valuable items still in it.

Each floor told it’s own story. The first floor welcomed you in and drew your attention to the wine cellars on display and the huge, comfy rounded booths that faced the bar. The second floor is held for private dining and events.

With the impressive wine lockers and masterpieces, there is definitely more than meets the eye at Cowford Chophouse.

The third floor is the rooftop and is beyond beautiful with a view of the St. John’s River and Main Street Bridge.

The staff were friendly, and besides a long wait, the food was outstanding. The salmon tartar was a delight to the eyes.

I ordered the oysters and was impressed that the chefs were genius to include a lemon sachet that prevented the seeds from dropping in the shells and a raspberry mignonette to dip the oysters in.

The she-crab soup is just as good as it sounds. It lived up to its name and did not leave me feeling gypped.

All in all, this place was amazing.
P.S. Check out this Cinnamon Bun Brulee, one of their amazingly decadent desserts.

Don’t be jealous. Go see for yourself.



Cowford Chophouse is located at 101 East Bay Street Jacksonville, FL 322202
Hours of Operation:


Phone: 904-862-6464

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Time I Traveled Out Of The Country Solo

So, Toronto.

Remember my last post where I vented about traveling out of the USA with an ex that brings out the worst in me? Well, that problem miraculously solved itself. Hence, #solotravelclub.

But I love Canada. It’s true that they're our “cousins.” With the double-decker tour buses and massive skyscrapers, Toronto itself is like the younger sister of Manhattan. The architecture of Toronto was a beauty of it’s own. From the asymmetrical Royal Ontario Museum exterior sculpture, to the Bata Shoe Museum that is shaped to look like an open shoe box, and even the pencil box shaped OCAD, everything was eye catching. The street art and murals were just as amazing.

Day one featured getting lost in the subway system and having a meltdown on the way to the Toronto Blue Jays game. The good news is a nice old man talked me down from the ledge and showed me how the TTC worked. The bad news is by the time I made it to the stadium, the game already started, the tickets were sold out and I was sweating buckets in the apparent “unseasonably” hot weather. After kicking it at the bar for the rest of the game, I literally stumbled upon the CN Tower. Idk how this happens when you’re right in front of it, but being a solid 5’4 doesn’t inspire you to look above your height very often. Plus, it’s very unassuming until you see stereotypical tourists taking selfies. I regret not going to the top, but it was still fire.

Bloor Street was poppin. Similar to Rodeo Drive, it’s supposed to be the best place to celebrity watch, but after realizing just how long the strip stretched, I couldn’t bear to see anything but my bed. Speaking of, I stayed in an AirBnB for the first time too. It was..interesting. It was located in The Annex, which was the perfect neighborhood of University of Toronto students living in beautiful Victorian style houses. My AirBnB host was great, the studio was great, and I would recommend the place all day long, but I realize that I’m more of the hotel type.

Queen Street is my absolute favorite. This is where the “real” lives. You have the quintessential street performers, urban clothing boutiques, and everything else you could want in a city. It’s also where I made Toronto a permanent part of me, but more of that later…

Chinatown was the typical overwhelming, shady, creepy neighborhood that seemed to never end.
At one point I ended up in what was supposed to be the LGBTQ neighborhood to go to a day concert, but really looked like the wrong side of downtown. I was probably a few blocks over from my destination, but trust that I did not stick around to confirm.

Kensington Market was so beautiful. The Market is more of a narrow street that housed vintage clothing stores and the like in beautiful multicolored row houses. I was IN LOVE. There was even a cocktail emporium that sold everything you would need and want for a bar.

St. Lawrence Market, an indoor farmer’s market, was so cool. It’s all the rave to Torontonians, including the St. Urbain Bagel shop, a carb-lovers dream.

Then, Niagara Falls. I spent a day there and it was hands down the best part of the trip. The day started with this gorge that looked right out of a Nat Geo magazine.

The actual falls are breathtaking. It’s awe-inspiring to see it on TV, but to experience it in person was overwhelming. We took a boat ride into the falls and got completely soaked, but it was so worth it.

The downside of this beauty was that once you got off the boat, you stepped right into tourist town. I mean, Ripley’s Museum, Hershey World, a Ferris Wheel, etc. It was exhausting and just killed the vibe of the Falls.

We then visited Niagara on the Lake, a cute St. Augustine type of town with an ice cream shop on every corner. They even had a secluded lake that sealed the town as a must-see.

We ended the day by tasting Niagara's signature ice wines at the Niagara College Canada Winery. Ice wine is the country’s speciality because they have the perfect climate to allow their grapes to freeze, which concentrates the sugars and makes the wine hella sweet.

Besides getting propositioned by an old English man that apparently was creeping on me since the day started, the day was nearly perfect.

One of Toronto’s best kept secrets are the Islands, that are so exclusive they have their own school, clubs and a multi-decade wait list to even live on the islands. Located in Lake Ontario, the islands even have their own amusement park, called Centreville. Riding the ferry through the islands was peaceful and then we were blessed with this beautiful view.

The food in Toronto wasn’t unlike anything in the US. They did have a weird habit of having a Tim Hortons-similar to Dunkin Donuts-on every corner, which is saying something compared to the over saturation of Starbucks in the US. I guess I was subconsciously boycotting them up until my last day, only to be underwhelmed… Apparently, “poutine” is the unofficial dish of Toronto, so I did the tourist thing and tried it. Y’all. It was just smothered fries. Still good, though.

Finally, I’ve been itching to do something unconventionally Khashilah for a while. Call me a rebel without a cause, but I needed to add another dimension to myself. I finally chose what it would be, and just knew there wouldn’t be a better place than a foreign country to make it happen.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017


Lately I’ve been in a weird head space. I’m not sure if it’s from what's going on in my personal world or the horrors of current America, but I just need to get some things off my chest...

I need help. Not in the ‘involuntarily committed to a psych ward’ kind, but in the ‘I can't do this on my own’ kind. Coming from Ms. Independent, this sucks to admit.

2017 has been a  huge slap in the face of how inconsistent I am. There’s only 4 months left and I have yet to complete over half of the things on that list, like completing a 5k (though I abhor running) to attending Art Basel.

I’m traveling out of the country in less than 4 weeks with an ex that I barely get along with. I’m sure we’ll have a great time when we’re not driving each other crazy..

This whole “celebrity news” industry makes me sick. Regardless of free speech, there’s a thing called privacy and respect. We are so two-faced, but will be the first to claim #1 fan. Yall gonna learn to stop trying these celebs like they’re not real people...

Then this current presidency is absolute foolery. Never mind the “work” that they’re “doing”, why is it that they can’t keep their staff? Everyone knows high turnover is a sign of poor leadership. If there was any faith in the Trump Administration, that’s out the door now..

Another thing I’m sick of: racism. I’m not gonna give another history lesson or monologue on why and how the “white man is bringing us down.” We all have eyes, so obviously we can see it for ourselves without a narrator, but I wonder if black folks realize how they contradict themselves. I understand and definitely agree that inequality is very present and we deserve our rights, but how can we demand both inclusion and exclusion? We want to have the same rights and access to everything white people do, but look at someone sideways when they want to model our culture. Such as wanting long, straight, manageable hair, but shaming others for wearing door-knocker earrings. That doesn’t even make sense. I know we’ve been hurt, but we gotta simmer down long enough to decide what we truly want. If is true inclusion, we have to be willing to share just like we’re demanding white folks to do so. If we want to maintain exclusivity in everything black culture to “Blacks Only”, be prepared to enjoy and suffer the results. Just pick a side, because y’all confusing everyone.

I wish we all could just relax for a while. I wish I was better.

I know we’re all riding different waves, but I can’t wait until this one breaks.

KB + Co.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Breezy Jazz Club: Jacksonville's Coolest Breeze

There’s a new club in town, and I am all the way here for it.


Breezy Jazz Club opened Friday in downtown Jacksonville and I was there to witness their grand opening. Jazz~Dine~Good Times is their motto and they did not disappoint.


The atmosphere was everything you would imagine of the like-regal, relaxed and sultry. The house was packed as Akia Uwanda and her band performed and the wine listings were perfect.


Thea, the owner, and her family were great hosts and the staff made sure you were comfortable and satisfied. I say this because we were visited multiple times by management and staff making sure we were taken care of.


I’m excited for the potential of Breezy. This is exactly what downtown needs to break the monotony of bars and...boredom. All are welcome to enjoy the music and atmosphere all night long or even for Sunday Brunch. They have a list of upcoming artists and events and I can’t wait to see the impact they will have. Breezy Jazz Club, thanks for waking up Jacksonville.


Breezy Jazz Club is located at:
119 West Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Check out their Facebook page:

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