Friday, November 24, 2017

Cowford. Chophouse.

I’ve been waiting a long time for you..

But seriously, being tempted by the loong construction of this beauty was a slow torture. Plus, being that I work just across the street only made it worse. But. Once it did open, it did not disappoint. If you’re familiar with the old Barnett Building in downtown, you may remember the jaguar that would seem to follow you as you traveled by the building. I was disheartened when I found out that they were not keeping that landmark, but the designers were able to find the perfect way of incorporating it into the renovations.

HIgh ceilings, polished floors, and black and white decor with luxe accents greet you upon arrival. As you walk up the three levels, pictures on the walls narrate the demolition and rebuilding of the entire space, including the finding of safes with valuable items still in it.

Each floor told it’s own story. The first floor welcomed you in and drew your attention to the wine cellars on display and the huge, comfy rounded booths that faced the bar. The second floor is held for private dining and events.

With the impressive wine lockers and masterpieces, there is definitely more than meets the eye at Cowford Chophouse.

The third floor is the rooftop and is beyond beautiful with a view of the St. John’s River and Main Street Bridge.

The staff were friendly, and besides a long wait, the food was outstanding. The salmon tartar was a delight to the eyes.

I ordered the oysters and was impressed that the chefs were genius to include a lemon sachet that prevented the seeds from dropping in the shells and a raspberry mignonette to dip the oysters in.

The she-crab soup is just as good as it sounds. It lived up to its name and did not leave me feeling gypped.

All in all, this place was amazing.
P.S. Check out this Cinnamon Bun Brulee, one of their amazingly decadent desserts.

Don’t be jealous. Go see for yourself.



Cowford Chophouse is located at 101 East Bay Street Jacksonville, FL 322202
Hours of Operation:


Phone: 904-862-6464

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