Wednesday, January 10, 2018


2018, Im ready for ya. At risk of sounding cheesy -shrug- this year is all about elevation. With my writing. With my fitness. With exploring this World. And with Jesus.

2017 was one of the rockiest years yet. I’m sure every year has its ups and downs, but I feel last year was a battle the whole 365 days. I became a real adult and moved into my own apartment, which challenged my maturity. I started locking my hair, which challenged my self-esteem. I had multiple relationships end on bad terms, which challenged my faith. But the good news is I lived to tell the tale.

I’m so proud that this blog has taken off. It will be 2 years in August since I began and I’m so excited to continue. My goal is to just write until my fingers fall off. I guarantee y’all will get tired of my notifications of new posts, but it’s ok. I appreciate you being willing to read my work. This year the focus is consistency and content. I started this blog to grow as a writer and over the past year I’ve explored different ways to do this through reviewing books, interviewing, and daily journaling. This year I want to expand on that and incorporate my life into this blog more. For example, I am starting the 52 Week Money Challenge:

And I’m so excited because my savings are non-existent thanks to 2017. I’m also thinking about starting a section on here for all things books. One of my resolutions is to finally finish Sophie’s World, which I’ve been reading since 2016. Once I finish that, I’m starting this other challenge of 50 Books to Read Before You Die. Well, it’s not so much a challenge, but it is something that I want to accomplish as I wrap up my first quarter of living.

Speaking of my first quarter, I’m turning 25 this year!


But, no worries. I plan to bring it in with a bang surrounded by good people and hopefully on an island.

Once again, I’m tackling Spanish. But I’m optimistic this year is it. By December, this blog will be in Spanish lol.

Anywho, drop a comment below of your #NewYearNewYou goals and we’ll keep each other accountable.

Till Next Time,

KB + Co.

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